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The evolution of return quantities from 2013 to 2022

The recycling and return rate of packaging collected by PAMIRA® over the past 10 years.

Over the past decade, the PAMIRA® system has consistently increased its recycling rate, reaching a commendable value of 95% in 2022. This achievement is reflected in the expansion of the collection point network. In the current year, PAMIRA® has proudly incorporated 16 new collection points, bringing the total to 418 locations encompassing 446 terminals.

Regarding the volume of returns, the system has maintained a robust level, with 3,005 tons, mirroring the performance of the previous year. PAMIRA® remains hopeful that this positive trend, facilitated by the successful collaboration of all stakeholders, will persist in the future. This ongoing progress paves the way for further advancements towards an efficient circular economy and a more sustainable agricultural sector.

PAMIRA® is a registered trademark of Industrieverband Agrar e. V. (IVA). RIGK GmbH is responsible for carrying out collections and recycling the collected packaging.