Green as can be: our carbon footprint

PAMIRA® is active environmental protection

With the capacity to recycle 90 per cent of the recovered packaging while saving resources, PAMIRA® returns important raw materials to the cycle. As a result, CO2 is saved and no hazardous chemicals are released into the environment!

Saving CO²

In 2020, PAMIRA® collected almost 3,000 tons of packaging from pesticide and liquid fertilisers, and was able to recycle more than 90 per cent of it in terms of value. Over the years, we have been able to save a total carbon dioxide equivalent of 41,128 tonnes of since 1996 – equal to more than 2.9 million trees!

What is PAMIRA®?

Goals, achievmentes, partners: Discover the outstanding features of PAMIRA®, Germany’s recovery system for plant protection product and liquid fertiliser packaging.


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