Acceptance conditions at your PAMIRA® collection point

Everything you need to know to conveniently drop off your packaging

At the PAMIRA® collection points, you can simply disposal used packaging with the PAMIRA® logo free of charge! This includes packaging for pesticide, liquid fertilisers, biostimulants, pesticides for stored products, growth regulators, sprayer cleaners, spray adjuvants and pheromone dispensers.

To ensure that your packaging can be taken back by the inspectors at the collection point, safely and sustainably disposed of and recycled, we request that you prepare your packaging before dropping it off.

Conditions for dropping off packaging


  • Tripple rinsed
  • Empty, open, dry
  • Clean inside and outside
  • Only packaging with the PAMIRA® logo


  • Collect lids separately


  • Plastic packaging
  • Plastic closures
  • Metal packaging and flexible packaging such as sacks
  • bags and boxes made of plastic and paper

Cutting through PACKAGING

  • Packages over 50 litres must be cut in half

Seed treatment packaging, minimum 50 L
Empty liquid seed treatment containers with a volume of 50 to 200 litres are collected on separate dates at special collection points. Please fill out the form on the PAMIRA® SEED TREATMENT page

Commercial collections:
Large drop-offs of more than 15 m3 are considered as pre-collections. Please register them in advance using our separate form.

This is how packaging is dropped off at the collection point

We will make every effort to ensure that your return at the PAMIRA® collection point is as fast and easy as possible: Once you have registered the quantity you want to drop off on site (at least 15 m³), your packaging will be inspected and logged by our trained staff. If all the acceptance conditions indicated above have been met, you can deposit the packaging into the corresponding containers. You will receive a confirmation receipt of legal disposal.

Acceptance conditions for seed treatment packaging, minimum 50 litres

With PAMIRA® SEED TREATMENT, you can drop off your drained seed treatment packaging from 50 to 200 litres on certain dates at specified collection points free of charge – it’s safe and environmentally friendly! 

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Find a collection point

Find the PAMIRA® collection point in your area in Germany and all collection dates. You can simply drop off plant protection product and liquid fertiliser packaging free of charge!

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