PAMIRA® for companies

Working together to protect our environment

As a manufacturer or filler of pesticide and liquid fertilisers, would you like to play a part in the safe and sustainable recovery of packaging? Become a PAMIRA trademark user – and help us protect the environment together!

Plant protection products, pesticides for stored products, liquid fertilisers, biostimulants, growth regulators, spray cleaners, spray adjuvants: More than over 100 German and international companies are already taking part and using the PAMIRA® logo for their packaging on a wide range of agricultural chemicals. In this way, they help to finance the entire process, from collection to recycling!

Become part of a success story!

Plant protection product and liquid fertiliser packaging is recovered at nearly 400 collection points all over Germany at a return rate of 80 per cent, of which more than 90 per cent is recycled! For 25 years, the PAMIRA® SYSTEM has been a success story of the voluntary commitment to recover used packaging. 

Just contact us to find out everything you need to know about licensing as a PAMIRA® trademark user. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is PAMIRA®?

Goals, achievmentes, partners: Discover the outstanding features of PAMIRA®, Germany’s recovery system for pesticides and liquid fertiliser packaging.

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