Recovery of seed dressing packaging from the agricultural sector

In association with the recovery of agricultural pesticide packaging (PAMIRA) free of remnants, the recovery of seed dressing packaging from 50l is a special campaign.

Every year in spring, a cost-free recovery campaign for used seed dressing packaging (from 50l) takes place.

Recovery of seed dressing packaging from 50l

Requirements for the recovery:

  • Packaging from 50l to 200l
  • PAMIRA trademark
  • Advance notification of the return by fax
  • Packaging must be free of remnants, with
    the original fastener closed, outside clean 
    and provided with the product label of the 
    last filler.

If you have any questions about the SEED TREATMENT and the announcement of the annual acceptance times, please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Neck by e-mail or telephone at +49 611 3086 00-29.

Packaging of less than 50l is taken back through the PAMIRA-SYSTEM

 Requirements for the recovery:

  • Packaging less than 50l
  • PAMIRA trademark
  • Packaging must be free of remnants.
    It is considered as clean if there are no drops.
  • Lid and packaging must be delivered separately.

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