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PAMIRA, the Packaging Recovery Agriculture system, is a simple system for the safe and environmentally-friendly disposal of empty pesticides packaging. Farmers collect the accrued packaging and hand over this – completely emptied, rinsed and dry – at specified times once yearly free of charge to one of the around 300 collection points in Germany. After checking that the acceptance conditions are satisfied, the packaging is accepted, pressed and recycled for their energy or material values: for example in a recycling plant, which further processes them into plastic end products, for example plastic casings for earth pipes.

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The PAMIRA disposal system was developed on a voluntary basis by the German pesticides industry together with the wholesale agricultural trade at the beginning of the 1990’s. The costs for the collection, logistics and the recycling of the packaging are borne by the manufacturers of pesticides. The trade makes available the collection points. The financing organization of the project is CWFG, which is located in Frankfurt am Main.

Responsible Care

For more than 20 years, the chemical industry is living with the voluntary initiative "Responsible Care" in the areas of environment, safety and health. Day after day it sets the objectives of responsible care in the firm into practice.

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Partnerships and assistance at international level

Through consistent compliance with the ECPA Guidelines, RIGK provides services for the safe recycling and recycling of pesticide packaging.

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